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I hate when people ask me why I love Justin Bieber, One Direction, Selena Gomez and Guns N' Roses like, I just do
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You guys know that Brazil is faaar away and is very hard to get bands like P!ATD touring here. We got to see them live in 2009 at a festival and they did an awesome meet and greet for 200 fans! I swear, 200! I never knew a band like them, it was Brendon and Spencer because Ryan and Jon left 4…

Axl Rose recalling eighth grade

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Richard Fortus and Izzy Stradlin on the 2006 Guns N’ Roses tour

i don’t want Richard on my blog but Izzy is on the pic….so

dude, richard’s cool as fuck. don’t be mad at him cause he’s in izzy’s place now. izzy ain’t.

i’m not mad. and he’s not in Izzy’s place. I think Izzy is were he wants to be. Did Richard write good songs?

he’s the rythm guitarist like izzy used to be, is what i meant. 

yeah, Richard has written good songs. Most of the current members have. 

yes, but Izzy was the rythm guitarist of a cool and creative band. i’m sorry, i’m just not a fan of chinese democracy. Or is Richard a solo artist? i didn’t hear any of his music so far.

it’s fine if you don’t like chinese democracy, not everyone’s gonna like the same thing. it’s just the way you said you didn’t want richard on your blog like you couldn’t stand him or something. 

but no, Richard is not a solo artist, but he’s made a lot of music with other bands and artists besides GN’R. He’s in a band called Dead Daisies right now which is a pretty good band. Dizzy’s in the band also.

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Anonymous said —
❝ directioner? ❞

yess :-)

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